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Greetings from Jeanne Gehret!

I’m happy to announce the 2017 publication of my book on Daniel Read Anthony and his bride Anna Osborn. It’s called The Truth About Daniel and it’s Book One of the Dauntless Series, so hold on–there’s lots more!

I am a longtime Susan B. Anthony impersonator who became interested in SBA’s extended family a few years ago. My Anthony explorations have taken me all over the Northeast and as far asLeavenworth, Kansas, where Daniel Read Anthony settled with his bride. Join me on this blog to explore people and places that were memorable to the Anthonys. Sometimes, to really get into character, I have appeared in costume.

I first became interested in Susan B. Anthony when I visited her Madison Street home in Rochester, New York. I quickly became a docent there and availed myself of all that homestead had to offer—a multitude of books, artifacts, and unwritten lore. I soaked up the atmosphere of that haven that refreshed her and sent her forth to new battles. With reverence I handled and read all the Anthony correspondence in the archives of the Rochester Museum & Science Center and curated an exhibit at that museum on the family’s memorabilia.

Having witnessed school tours of her home, I realized that there was no comprehensive children’s biography of her and set out to write it, which resulted in the 1994 publication of my book Susan B. Anthony And Justice for All. (That book is being revised for later in 2017.) Being of similar stature, features, and coloring, I have given costumed portrayals of her since 1994 in schools, libraries, museums, and public fairs. Updating these presentations became easier and more interesting as the internet made more information available. And whenever we took a trip anywhere in the Northeast, we visited places she would have frequented, including homes of people like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, and many others and cities like Albany, Washington, and Philadelphia.

When I’m not reveling in nineteenth-century treasures, I work as a licensed massage therapist and enjoy English Country Dancing almost every week, sometimes in costume. My husband and I have logged almost six thousand miles on a tandem bicycle. Stoker power!

Contact me if you’d like more info about my costumed portrayals:


Jeanne Gehret, AKA Susan B. Anthony, at Legler Barn

Jeanne Gehret, AKA Susan B. Anthony, at Legler Barn

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9 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. I am proud of Susan B. Anthony’s legacy, and was very proud to once again, vote, but I am deeply disturbed by the pictures in the media of people defacing her grave with their “I Voted” stickers. I don’t think this is the way to honor her legacy, and it is in fact, a criminal act. Social media is in a frenzy sharing pictures of it, but I would love to know what her surviving family members think. If it was my relative, I would not want strangers pasting stickers on their headstone or monument….

  2. I’m doing a spot of research for an article touching on Edgartown’s history, and was excited to discover this connection between the Osborne family and Susan B. Anthony.

    Thank you for a very helpful blog!

    • I can’t get enough of Edgartown’s history, Amelia. When you finish your article, will you post a link here, please?

  3. I am descended from Wallace Anthony, who from my understanding is Susan’s uncle, Daniel’s brother. Wallace had a daughter Caroline who married Charles Sutphen. Their oldest child was a daughter Izzora. Izzora was my grandmother, tho I never met her as she died when my father was only 17. My mother is 90, but remembers Grandma Caroline. I have one small picture of her, and a picture and Civil War diary of Wallace. I also have a “photo” of a Jacob Anthony with his second wife Polly Howe. I do not know the connection. I grew up in Central NY state, and knew all my life I had a connection to Susan, of which I have always been proud! I have visited Seneca Falls….and did you know that the bridge there was featured in the movie “It’s a Wonferful Life”? How perfect!

    • In Susan B.’s authorized biography, there is a picture taken in 1897 of the extended family. The photo is in Ida Husted Harper’s Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony, vol 2, p. 939. Perhaps you would recognize your ancestor there!

  4. Hello, I am writing from Writers & Books, Rochester’s (New York) literary center. I am putting together a series of events in March related to our annual community reading program, Rochester Reads. The book we have selected, Queen of the Fall by Sonja Livingston, is a memoir/book of essays that includes topics such as the growing up female in the 1980s, and honors such woman as Susan B. Anthony. I am wondering if you are still appearing as Susan B. and where you live now? Thank you.

    • Hi, Karen, I live in the Rochester area and am well-acquainted with WAB! Yes, I am still doing appearances, and would be happy to hear about your event. Once I know your date, I can let you know how that might work with other March programs I am doing.

  5. I have used the book in the past with my middle school students and had no idea that the author was local. I am so excited and thrilled to have “Susan B. Anthony” talk to my 7th graders next week. Jeanne, thanks for being so accommodating and working with me on such short notice!

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