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Description: Daniel Read Anthony fascinated young, naive, and privileged Annie Osborn: as a Union colonel, he had battled slavery; he had struggled to build a new settlement in the wild West; and he was the brother of her own heroine, Susan B. Anthony. Attracted by his unselfish courage and commanding presence, she nevertheless had doubts. Was he too old? Too businesslike? Too unpredictable to accept as a suitor and eventually as her life partner?

From the fiery conflict of Kansas to the prim parlors of Martha’s Vineyard, from Quaker consciences to whaling captains’ conservatism, The Truth About Daniel portrays lovers who forge new bonds through their willingness to take chances.

This first novel in the Dauntless series weaves historical strands about D.R. Anthony to delve into his improbable choice of bride, a socialite half his age from the whaling capital of Martha’s Vineyard.

Praise for The Truth About Daniel:

“…Gives an authentic voice to Annie Osborn, a young woman from a prominent Edgartown family whose South Water street home still stands. Her story is rooted in Martha’s Vineyard’s recorded past and actual events published in the Vineyard Gazette, the Island’s first newspaper.”—Hilary Wall, Archivist and Librarian, Vineyard Gazette


“Based on extensive research, Gehret offers an intriguing perception of the tribulations experienced not only by the Anthony and Osborn families, but also by many other emigrants who started a new life during the “Bleeding Kansas” era. The author suggests a plausible explanation for Annie’s attraction to D.R. Anthony during this largely-undocumented period of her life and establishes the couple’s rightful place in the era of pioneering exploration.”—Mary Ann Sachse Brown, President, Leavenworth County Historical Society and author of Celebrating Women of Leavenworth County, Kansas.


“…Portrays the attraction between polar opposites and love’s bloom amid strong family objections. The reader is pulled into Annie and D.R.’s story, which occurs in richly-detailed historical settings in Saratoga, NY; the frontier town of Leavenworth, KS; and Annie’s island home on Martha’s Vineyard. A tale of strength, daring and love, it leaves readers wanting more!”—Elaine Lennox, Goodreads Reader

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The Truth About Daniel: Book One of the Dauntless Series, by Jeanne Gehret

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