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Sharing Anthony history is Jeanne Gehret’s passion, whether it’s through writing or performing. Museums, libraries, schools, and private groups have all enjoyed her insider’s look at Susan B.’s family and surroundings. Click here for a sample of her costumed portrayal of Miss Anthony.

Ms. Gehret has just completed a series of appearances in the Rochester, NY area in 2017, with new ones popping up often. Keep reading for the current schedule in addition to descriptions of public author visits and school visits.


Sorry, we have not kept this page up-to-date for 2018. (Writing the new book is a higher priority.) This year’s events have included two full days at Albion Central Schools as well as numerous senior centers.

Jeanne was the featured speaker on Saturday, April 21 (1-2:20) at Rochester’s Rich History at the Rundel (Central) Library in Rochester, NY, where she gave a Powerpoint presentation on Daniel Read Anthony.

2017 Events:

  • *4/27/2017 Penfield (NY) Public Library, “All for Suffrage,” 7-8:30 PM
  • 5/7/2017 Susan B. Anthony Birthplace, Adams MA, Author Talk, 3-4:30
  • *5/13/2017 Rush (NY) Public LIbrary, “Tea with Susan B.,” 3-4:30
  • *5/17/2017 Oasis (Rochester, NY) “All for Suffrage,” 2:30-3:30
  • 6/19, 2017 Gates Historical Society, 7-8:30
  • *7/19/2017 Fairport (NY) Library, “Failure is Impossible,” 7-8:30
  • *7/20/2017 Pittsford (NY) Library, “Failure is Impossible,” 7-8:30
  • *8/12/2017  Arnett Public Library, “Failure is Impossible,” 12-1:30
  • 8/29/2017 Pittsford Seniors, “Failure is Impossible,” 12
  • *10/17/2017 Perinton (NY) Historical Society, Author Talk, 7-8:30
  • *10/21/17 Irondequoit (NY) Library, “Failure is Impossible,” 1 -2:30
  • 12/17/17 Book Club, Perinton Presby. Church, “The Truth About Daniel,” 4 pm


All For Suffrage:
Susan B. Anthony’s Kin 

Susan B. Anthony’s whole family put themselves on the line to promote equality for women and African-Americans. These startling relatives, though rooted in the Quaker values of nonviolence and frugality, included soldiers, radical publishers, and people of privilege.

Trace the family’s comings and goings across early America, from Martha’s Vineyard to the Kansas frontier. Some of the family members you will meet:

  • the brother who fought with John Brown,
  • the dying sister who voted illegally with Susan, and especially…
  • Susan’s brother Daniel Read Anthony, who, before settling down as a Kansas publisher, was a Jayhawker, guard for President Lincoln, Union colonel, and streetfighter

The author speaks as a history buff and researcher (not in costume). This riveting 30-90-minute program for adults includes a Powerpoint presentation with archival photographs. If appropriate, Ms. Gehret will sign copies of The Truth About Daniel afterwards.

Failure Is Impossible

  • Jeanne Gehret takes on the costume and vibrant persona of Susan B. Anthony eight years after Anthony voted. She gives background on the social conditions prompting Anthony’s fight for women’s rights, but also stresses the reformer’s strong activism for abolition and temperance.
  • Set against a fascinating backdrop of archival Powerpoint images.
  • For elementary school through adults. Up to one hour includes question-and-answer period.
  • Introduce your students to Miss Anthony with Jeanne’s book Susan B. Anthony And Justice For All.



Failure Is Impossible is suitable for grades 2 through 12 and can be tailored to your time constraints.

All for Suffrage: Susan B. Anthony’s Kin is suitable for high school and can be tailored to your time constraints.

Bedbugs and Mobs:

  • Ms. Gehret speaks as author, allowing her to give a 21st century perspective on Miss Anthony. Dramatic accounts of Anthony’s intrepid travels highlight the risks and inconveniences she endured to abolish slavery and champion women’s rights.
  • Her Powerpoint presentation includes photos and illustrations from the 19th century depicting Anthony’s birthplace and adult home, her Quaker upbringing, and the social conditions prompting her reform work.
  • For middle school,  not in costume.

Writing Historical Fiction: Real People Responding to their World

Based on Jeanne Gehret’s 2017 book The Truth About Daniel, a historical novel set during the Civil War. This program can be a stand-alone event or a week-long writer-in-residence for high school. Major topics will include:

  • Defining historical fiction
  • Establishing a setting
  • Developing the characters
  • Plotting a story arc
  • Weaving themes
  • Interacting with a time period


MORE INFORMATION: Jeanne@     585-746-7239


Since 1995, Ms. Gehret has presented Miss Anthony in costume in three states and curated an exhibit on the Anthony family for Rochester Museum & Science Center. More than an actress learning lines, Jeanne has delved deeply into one character for more than two decades.

Ms. Gehret’s fascination with “all things Anthony” began when she served as docent in Miss Anthony’s home in the early ’90s. Her 1994 biography Susan B. Anthony and Justice for All was available in 100 classrooms in the Rochester City Schools. Before that, her groundbreaking children’s books The Don’t-give-up Kid (1990) and Eagle Eyes (1991) received much critical acclaim.

In 2012 Ms. Gehret expanded her scope of research to include Susan’s brothers and their lives in Kansas. This has resulted in the 2017 release of The Truth About Daniel, her new historical novel for adults. Also in 2017, she re-issued Susan B. Anthony and Justice for All in the new Suffrage Centennial Edition.

Click here to meet the author.


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