School Presentations

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Gehret’s two most popular public programs are adaptable for schools, where she has appeared more than 100 times.

Failure Is Impossible is suitable for grades 2 through 6 and can be tailored to a 40- minute time frame

All for Suffrage: Susan B. Anthony’s Kin is suitable for high school in a 42-60 minute format.

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Bedbugs and Mobs:

  • Gehret speaks as author, allowing her to give a 21st century perspective on Miss Anthony. Dramatic accounts of Anthony’s intrepid travels highlight the risks and inconveniences she endured to abolish slavery and champion women’s rights.
  • Her Powerpoint presentation includes photos and illustrations from the 19th century depicting Anthony’s birthplace and adult home, her Quaker upbringing, and the social conditions prompting her reform work.
  • For middle school, 42-60 minutes not in costume.