Merritt Anthony’s Wedding Venue

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Interior of Adair Cabin in Osawatomie, where Merritt Anthony was married. Photo by Jeanne Gehret

Interior of Adair Cabin in Osawatomie, where Merritt Anthony was married. Photo by Jeanne Gehret

It took me a while to find these photos of my excursion to Osawatomie, Kansas. My last post dealt with the marriage of Merritt and Mary Luther Anthony inside the Adair cabin, pictured above. Below is the exterior. Note the whitewashed walls.


It seemed pretty comfortable for a cabin, and I can just imagine the minister presiding in his nightclothes while his family, similarly clad, looked on. Somehow I think it was a brief ceremony!

Adair Cabin where John Brown's son Frederick died at the battle of Osawatomie, Kansas

Adair Cabin where John Brown’s son Frederick died at the battle of Osawatomie, Kansas

6 thoughts on “Merritt Anthony’s Wedding Venue

  1. I am researching the connection, if any, between Jacob Merritt Anthony and the Kansas State Normal School in Fort Scott. This underlies a theory about the “intimate” relationship between Izora M. Scott, lobbyist for the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and Susan B. Anthony. Do you have any information on Susan or Lucy speaking at the Normal School in 1886 in and around the convention held in October of that year? Or any other connection between the Anthonys and Scotts? Since J.M Anthony was an prohibitionist prehaps another connection would be with the Kirby family out of Arkansas, who were step-siblings of Izora?

    • I have good news for you. The LIfe and WorK of Susan B. Anthony by Ida Husted Harper says this in vol 2, p. 608; “on May 18, she started for Kansas…visited her brothers at Leavenworth and Fort Scott for nearly two months, making an occasional speech. On the morning of July 4, under the auspices of the W.C.T.U., she addressed a large audience at Salina….In the hot afternoon…word came that a hundred people had united in a request that she should speak again.” She was back and forth to Kansas several times in the fall also, since she was running a campaign there. Hope this helps!

  2. I find your information on Merritt Anthony quite interesting. I am researching him as my daughter and I have recently purchased a large Victorian home in Fort Scott and found that J. M. Anthony was owner in 1883. I have been unable to confirm he lived in this huge home, but find him being visited by Susan B. Anthony on several occasions. Do you have him as living and she as visiting the home at 1017 E Wall St? Thank you for any information you might have.

    • Hi, Ann, how exciting for you to live in such a historic home! I cannot verify Merritt’s home address, but you may be able to get it from public records such as a census or even cemetery records. As for Susan visiting….I would say it’s likely, since she made many trips to Kansas and traipsed up and down the state. I will check with a Kansas historian friend and let you know if I find any specific dates. I can tell you that Merritt was a well-regarded citizen of Ft. Scott and died of a heart attack. Have you seen his obituary?

  3. Have a historian friend looking for evidence that Susan B. Anthony ever actually visited Osawatomie. Unsuccessful so far….

    • Her brother Jacob Merritt and his wife lived there. I believe Susan’s first trip to Kansas was in January 1865, and it’s possible the family would have already left Osawatomie by then. If you find anything, I’d love to know since info about Merritt’s family is hard to find.

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