Introductory Offer on The Truth About Daniel

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Last night I realized a four-year goal when The Truth About Daniel became available for sale. To share my excitement, I’m offering my blog readers  an introductory offer of 10% off. I could do it only with one of the two vendors below, but hope you enjoy it.

Here’s how to order in the U.S.:   (for 10% off, copy and enter discount code 99G3TUJC)


It’s a paperback with the retail cost of $14.95 plus sh/h. Both sites are safe and reliable. If you are using Amazon, don’t try searching on the title or author’s name; instead, use the link provided above. If you need book stats, scroll down to the bottom of this post*.

If you like the book, PLEASE tell your friends, “like” our facebook page (, and write a review. Your review can be simple, but don’t forget to do it! These are the ways we  maintain the viability of independently published books like this one.

In 1990, when I formed Verbal Images Press, I joined the long and proud tradition of free speech practiced by such writers/publishers as Benjamin Franklin, Willa Cather, John Muir, Anais Nin, Rudyard Kipling, Lisa Genova, James Redfield, and Susan B. Anthony. Are you surprised by this last name? Don’t miss my next blogpost!

Verbal Images Press–Independent and Proud of It

Book Orders at:  (for 10% off, copy and enter discount code 99G3TUJC)

*Book stats:     ISBN 188428101x     *     322 pages     *     6″x9″     *     $14.95 paper



4 thoughts on “Introductory Offer on The Truth About Daniel

  1. I liked the book and passed it on to a friend who also is enjoying it. We think it would be a good young adult book used in highschool Socialstudies and English classes.

    • Thanks, Barbara. Ever since teaching high school, I have enjoyed that age group and, when writing the final love scene, made sure it was suitable for that audience. 🙂 This week I’m putting finishing touches on a book discussion guide.

    • Mary Ann,

      I got my copy, read the first chapter, really Good! I’ve visited the Anthony house in Rochester many years ago, only a 2 hour drive from here- must do it again!

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