Saving Lincoln from Abduction

The 116

When the city of Washington was under siege at the onset of the Civil War, the White House feared that President Lincoln would be abducted. Read all about it in James Muehlberger’s excellent account entitled The 116: The True Story of Lincoln’s Lost Guard.

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D.R. Enters the Fray

Kansas Map SmallDaniel Read (D.R.) Anthony seems to have led a rather unremarkable life until he went to Kansas. In his early teens, his formal schooling was interrupted by his father’s bankruptcy. He helped out in his father’s cotton mill for several years, had a brief stint as a shopkeeper, went to Normal School (for teachers), and then taught for two winters.

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Carriage Driving in Style

Walnut Hill Driving Competition. Photo by Jeanne Gehret

Walnut Hill Driving Competition. Photo by Jeanne Gehret

Between the Anthony home and the bank of the Missouri River sits a park, the first such public land dedicated in the whole state of Kansas. It is easy to picture Anna Anthony driving her horse along the road parallel to the river, or maybe even in the park itself. Continue reading

Close-Up on Anthony Family

HeaDSCN0933ring about Susan’s westward-bound brothers, I began to wonder about their similarity to their famous sister. Who among their parents’ dinner guests inspired Susan, Daniel and Merritt to become such active proponents of reform? Continue reading

Meet Susan B.’s Family

Anthony’s family members were the movers and shakers of the 19th century; thus, the header photo above appropriately portrays people on the move. Susan (SBA) has been my passion since 1993, when I first became a docent at her home in Rochester, NY. Continue reading