Listening with the Enneagram: Susan B. Anthony as Type One

Black and white photo of woman with hair pulled back

The more I “listen” to my characters, the more convinced I am that Susan B. Anthony was a Type One on the enneagram. This character portrait is often called the Reformer Perfectionist. I am greatly indebted to Anita Plat-Kuiken, my co-aothor on this blogpost series, for her enneagram summaries. Anita has based her Type One […]

image of listening ear

I’m more likely to understand someone after I’ve listened deeply to them. In my day-to-day and in my writing life, I often use the enneagram, a personality type system that examines people’s innate tendencies and finds directions in which they can grow. This is especially important for the three main characters in my Dauntless Series: […]