Guelma Voted with Susan B. Anthony

What sacrifices our foremothers made for the right to vote! I’m reposting this since most of it got cut off last time.

Lovers of Anthonsilhouette w braidy memorabilia like to refer to Susan’s youngest sister, Mary, as the wind beneath the famous reformer’s wings. It’s easy to see why, since Mary remained single, cared for mother Lucy Anthony in her widowhood, kept the Madison Street home where numerous family members lodged  (including Susan), and was a leader in the Women’s Political Equality Club. But who were the other two sisters, Guelma and Hannah?

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New Book Coming Soon!

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My new book on Susan B. Anthony’s brother Daniel will soon hit the shelves. I’m anticipating publication this summer or fall. If you love history and enjoy a good romance, watch for news of it on this blog. Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

When Frederick Douglass went to dine at the Anthony home, powerful forces went to work.

Join me for a look at the striking statues of these two at the Susan B. Anthony Square near her home in Rochester, NY.

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Anna Osborn Anthony, Wife of D.R. Anthony

The island of Martha's Vineyard, where Anna was born

The island of Martha’s Vineyard, where Anna was born

Anna Eliza Osborn, at nineteen, married thirty-nine year-old Daniel Read Anthony. Only the basic facts and a few tantalizing glimpses remain of her.

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Close-Up on Anthony Family

HeaDSCN0933ring about Susan’s westward-bound brothers, I began to wonder about their similarity to their famous sister. Who among their parents’ dinner guests inspired Susan, Daniel and Merritt to become such active proponents of reform? Continue reading