How to diffuse light

Susan B Anthony family

We could aptly describe the Anthony family and their fellow reformers as individuals who “diffused light.” I first happened upon this term (“Lucem Diffundo” in Latin) as a motto for the city of New Bedford, MA. In 1847 when New Bedford citizens selected that slogan, they had been active in spreading light both literally and […]

D.R. Anthony as an Enneagram Eight

image of listening ear

Today we will explore the personality of D.R. Anthony as an Enneagram Eight. This finishes our series portraying three of the Anthony family through the lens of the Enneagram. Here are the previous posts: I consider Daniel Read (D.R.) Anthony a Type Eight because he was strong, powerful, and fearless. He wanted justice to prevail and […]

Christmas gifts for you

woman holding champagne glass in front of Christmas lights

I have some Christmas gifts for you as the year winds down. So sit back and enjoy. First of all, some of you may be interested in applying the enneagram to your own life. If so, here’s information about an online retreat to help you. You can learn a lot about the it by reading, […]

An American Christmas, 1863

red Christmas ball

During Christmas 1863, Daniel Anthony and Annie Osborn looked forward to their wedding in January. They probably weren’t able to celebrate the holiday together because at that point they still lived half a continent apart. I can picture Annie enjoying family celebrations on Martha’s Vineyard one last time while Daniel faced dinner at a boardinghouse […]

New Harriet Tubman statue has unusual feature

Caption that reads "Did you know?"

Philadelphia has just picked the design for a new statue honoring Harriet Tubman. Perhaps you saw this news item recently. So much has been written about her extreme bravery and dedication to humankind. But seldom do we read about the fact that she backed up all her dangerous Underground Railroad activity with prayer. Prayer and […]

Listening with the Enneagram: Annie Osborn Anthony as Two

Guelma Penn Anthony

In my mind, Annie Osborn Anthony is Type Two, a Giver on the enneagram wheel. But please keep in mind that some of the details I mention below have been created to coordinate with my understanding of her type. Here’s why: As a writer, I’ve had to ponder Annie more than her husband Daniel or […]

Susan B Anthony’s best friend Elizabeth

19th century woman holding baby

Susan B. Anthony’s best friend was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Born November 12, 1815, Stanton was Anthony’s opposite in many ways. However, their bond of common reforms – temperance, antislavery, and women’s rights – held them together even when their differences might have torn them apart. Early years of their friendship Stanton teased about their respective […]

Listening with the Enneagram: Susan B. Anthony as Type One

Black and white photo of woman with hair pulled back

The more I “listen” to my characters, the more convinced I am that Susan B. Anthony was a Type One on the enneagram. This character portrait is often called the Reformer Perfectionist. I am greatly indebted to Anita Plat-Kuiken, my co-aothor on this blogpost series, for her enneagram summaries. Anita has based her Type One […]

Listen deeply with the Enneagram

image of listening ear

I’m more likely to understand someone after I’ve listened deeply to them. In my day-to-day and in my writing life, I often use the enneagram, a personality type system that examines people’s innate tendencies and finds directions in which they can grow. This is especially important for the three main characters in my Dauntless Series: […]