Preparing for Society Wedding on Martha’s Vineyard

Susan B Anthony family

            D.R. Anthony married Anna Eliza Osborn in January 1864 in the Congregational Church (now known as the Federated Church) located on the same block Anna’s beautiful home that faced the sea.

Unexpected Civil War Loss

Susan B Anthony family

In my last post I mentioned that Captain Abraham Osborn owned several whaling ships. One of these, the Ocmulgee, came to an untimely end early in the Civil War. Since the Ocmulgee was not a Navy ship, this was most unexpected.

Anthony Family on Erie Canal

Susan B Anthony family

In 1845, when several of the Anthony family moved to Rochester, NY, this section of the Erie Canal probably looked much as it does today.

Quakers At Heart

Susan B Anthony family

Quakerism was at the center of the Anthony family. It was a bee in the bonnet of Susan’s antislavery activities that began in New York State, and a spur atop the saddle for Merritt and Daniel as they rode with the Kansas cavalry in the Civil War.

19th Amendment

looking up at red brick house wiht porch and flag and white shutters

Would there have been a 19th amendment if Susan B. had not tried to vote in 1872? Possibly not. If her vote had been calmly counted instead of causing an uproar, maybe millions of women would have voted in the 1880 election.

Susan B. Anthony Family Origins: Massachusetts

Susan B Anthony family

  The Anthony story begins in Adams, Massachusetts at the family homestead and Friends’ Cemetery. That home represents a fairly stable period in the relationship between the Anthonys and the Quakers.

Horses and Carriages from Anthony Era

Susan B Anthony family

The annual Walnut Hill Farm Driving Competition (permanently ended now) that took place early this month in nearby Pittsford, New York offered an idyllic glimpse into the horsey set of the 1890s, an era when Anna Osborn Anthony could well have been driving her horse. Her sister-in-law Susan made reference to Anna’s custom of driving […]