All for Suffrage, part 2

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Susan B. Anthony and siblings

Susan B. Anthony’s siblings, like her parents, were all for suffrage. They supported the right of every American citizen to vote, regardless of sex or race. (See my previous post about her parents.)

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Some Stories From My Books That Show the Anthonys Were All for Suffrage:

  • Her three sisters all voted with her in November 5, 1872.
  • Mary Anthony, the youngest sister, was an active reformer in her own right. See previous post and this great article on Mary.
  • Her brother Daniel Read Anthony (D.R.) forcibly resisted pro-slavery ruffians who stormed the ballot boxes in Kansas and was a rabid Republican. Departing from his father’s beliefs, he served as a colonel in the Army during the Civil War. Only a calamity would have prevented him from voting.
  • Merritt, the other brother, also served in the Army and was a civic-minded citizen, so it seems likely he would have voted, too.

In short, the whole family sacrificed in words and deeds so that all U.S. citizens could participate in the government by voting. Susan and D.R. were the most vocal; D.R. and Merritt were the most militant. Don’t forget to go to the polls on Nov. 7 to exercise your precious right. Please tweet, share, and like this post at the top. Thanks.

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