Step into Susan B. Anthony’s shoes

Happy New Year! This holiday I had the opportunity to step into Susan B. Anthony’s shoes and those of Annie, her sister-in-law, as I spent many hours sewing by

Saratoga’s Finest

Susan B Anthony family

  Courting at the resort at Saratoga, NY in the 19th century carried some risk for wealthy women, for it was described as a “heterogeneous society” where anyone who could afford the price of admission (and the clothing) would be admitted.

The death of Susan B. Anthony: when she retired her red shawl

Folded red shawl with long red fringe

Today we commemorate the death of Susan B. Anthony. According to Susan’s official biography, it was said that Washingtonians marked spring each year with two signs:  the return of Congress to the nation’s capital and the return of Miss Anthony in her red shawl to lobby Congress. In her later years, the shawl was such […]

Gallop Across the Dance Floor, Anyone?

Susan B Anthony family

    This is a wonderful video of a 19th century dance. Read more about it below. I first learned about a dance called the gallopade (or “gallop”) at a concert given by pianist Jacqueline Schwab, whose piano music was featured on Ken Burns’ documentary of the Civil War. Intrigued to see how it was […]

How to Pay a Thanksgiving Call

Susan B Anthony family

In the mood to see your friends during the Thanksgiving break? Here’s what you would do if you lived in the 1800s and she was a lady: