D.R. Anthony as an Enneagram Eight

image of listening ear

Today we will explore the personality of D.R. Anthony as an Enneagram Eight. This finishes our series portraying three of the Anthony family through the lens of the Enneagram. Here are the previous posts: I consider Daniel Read (D.R.) Anthony a Type Eight because he was strong, powerful, and fearless. He wanted justice to prevail and […]

An American Christmas, 1863

red Christmas ball

During Christmas 1863, Daniel Anthony and Annie Osborn looked forward to their wedding in January. They probably weren’t able to celebrate the holiday together because at that point they still lived half a continent apart. I can picture Annie enjoying family celebrations on Martha’s Vineyard one last time while Daniel faced dinner at a boardinghouse […]

Listen deeply with the Enneagram

image of listening ear

I’m more likely to understand someone after I’ve listened deeply to them. In my day-to-day and in my writing life, I often use the enneagram, a personality type system that examines people’s innate tendencies and finds directions in which they can grow. This is especially important for the three main characters in my Dauntless Series: […]

Pivotal episode in Civil War history

book cover featuring man in top hat with sword and title "The 116." Chronicles the Frontier Guard at start of Civil War

Daniel Read (D.R.) Anthony served as a Frontier Guard in a pivotal episode at the start of the Civil War. For nine days in April 1861, he and 115 other Kansans bivouacked on the floor of the White House. Their mission? To protect the recently-inaugurated President Lincoln from abduction and probable death. James P. Muehlberger […]

Anthony family: diversity of religious expression

Susan B Anthony family

Last night my husband and I attended our Presbyterian service of Maundy Thursday to commemorate the evening of the Last Supper when Jesus was betrayed. Afterward, we accepted an invitation to participate in a seder meal with the Congregation Etz Chaim, just down the road from our church.   As the evening concluded, we prayed […]

The Anthonys in Rochester

Raised canal crossing a river

I have blogged extensively about the  Anthony family in Kansas and Martha’s Vineyard because those two areas were the focus of my trilogy’s first book The Truth About Daniel. However, for some months I unintentionally slighted their hometown in Rochester. So here’s my commitment: I will include the Rochester connection on a regular basis from […]

Anna Osborn Anthony, Wife of D.R. Anthony

Anna Osborn Anthony (usually called Annie) married thirty-nine-year-old Daniel Read Anthony when she was just nineteen. Only the basic facts and a few tantalizing glimpses remain of her.

Susan B. Anthony sister-in-law honored

Susan B Anthony sister in law

Susan B. Anthony’s sister-in-law and brother were honored with a historical marker in Leavenworth, Kansas. This marks their support for women’s rights.

Too much history in Leavenworth, Kansas

Flag with words "Leavenworth: A Good Place to Call Home" against background of large star and stripes. Brick buildings in far background.

This past summer I made my third visit to Leavenworth, Kansas, where there was too much history for me to absorb all at once. Ever since my return home on Labor Day, I’ve been mulling over my discoveries and finding new connections. Starting off from home in Rochester, NY, my husband Jon and I made […]