All for Suffrage, Part 1

Tree with many branches

Susan B. Anthony’s family members were all for women’s suffrage, each in his or her own way. Some supported voting rights by actually casting ballots, while others supported campaigns for African-Americans and women to vote. Susan had a strong support system for her reform work.

Catch my book on TV today!

Susan B Anthony family

The Truth About Daniel was featured today on FOX morning news. Click here to watch the newscast. I liked how they included images, but you may be confused about the picture of people standing in front of a house. It’s not Daniel’s house in Missouri, but the Anthony farm in Rochester. As far as we […]

The Jury’s Still Out on John Brown

Susan B Anthony family

It’s one thing to admire someone and quite another to like him or her. This reality slapped me in the face when I visited the homestead of John Brown near Lake Placid, New York.

Merritt Anthony’s Wedding Venue

Susan B Anthony family

It took me a while to find these photos of my excursion to Osawatomie, Kansas. My last post dealt with the marriage of Merritt and Mary Luther Anthony inside the Adair cabin, pictured above. Below is the exterior. Note the whitewashed walls.