Famous Black Woman Spurned by Racist

Ida Wells

Susan B. Anthony Champions Ida B. Wells In 1895, Susan B. Anthony went out for the day instructing her (white) stenographer to help her guest, journalist Ida B. Wells, to catch up on her correspondence. When Susan returned, the journalist was doing her own typing while the stenographer sat idle. Asked why she was not […]

When Free Speech isn’t Free

Susan B Anthony family

It almost cost Frederick Douglass his home to publish his newspaper in the Talman Building in Rochester, pictured here; and Harriet Jacobs, an author who operated a reading room with her brother one floor up, couldn’t make her rent, either.

D.R.’s Pugnacious Temperament

Susan B Anthony family

I love the term “pugnacious,” which describes someone just itching for a fight. That seems a fair representation of Daniel Read Anthony of Leavenworth, who was descended from the same stock as Susan B. Anthony. While this brother and sister were both devoted to the abolition of slavery, she fought with words, attempting to change legislation, […]