Jeanne Gehret Performs Susan B. Anthony

Susan B Anthony family

Jeanne’s performance of Susan B. Anthony at Fairport Library is fully reserved. But there’s still room at the Pittsford (NY) Library performance on 7/20 at 7 pm. It’s all part of VoteTilla fun!  

Susan B. Anthony comes to life at VoteTilla

Susan B Anthony family

Join me as I portray Susan B. Anthony as part of the Votetilla celebration next week! Bring your school-age kids for living history! Wednesday, July 19, Fairport Public Library (co-sponsored by Perinton (NY) Historical Socety), 7 pm Thursday, July 20, Pittsford (NY) Community Library, 7 pm Votetilla is a weeklong celebration of New York State’s […]

Male Counterpart of Susan B. Anthony?

Susan B Anthony family

How similar was Susan B. Anthony to her brother Daniel? Why should serious students of our famous suffragist take note of him? Despite the times Daniel went on trial for murder during a street fight, suffered court-martial, and was accused on horse-stealing, Susan admired her oldest brother D.R.. According to her authorized biography by Harper, […]

Was Emily Dickinson as miserable as film suggests?

Susan B Anthony family

The film A Quiet Passion did not serve up the Emily Dickinson I know. Having read some biographies of Dickinson as well as her poetry, I have to say that the movie seemed pretty one-sided in portraying her life as one of angst and frustration.

The Anthonys’ Quaker Roots

Susan B Anthony family

Susan B. Anthony’s Quaker roots came to the forefront when I spoke at Susan’s birthplace museum in Adams, MA, near the border of New York State. After my talk, my friend and I received a private tour by Adams Historical Society president Eugene Michalenko of the East Hoosuk Quaker Meetinghouse not far from Susan’s home. […]

The death of Susan B. Anthony: when she retired her red shawl

Folded red shawl with long red fringe

Today we commemorate the death of Susan B. Anthony. According to Susan’s official biography, it was said that Washingtonians marked spring each year with two signs:  the return of Congress to the nation’s capital and the return of Miss Anthony in her red shawl to lobby Congress. In her later years, the shawl was such […]

Half the Sky

You may know how these American women hold up half the sky: Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan. B. Anthony Lucretia Mott Elizabeth Van Lew* Clarina Howard Nichols* Lucy Stone* Elizabeth Blackwell.* Clara Barton.* Elizabeth Ann Seton.* Antoinette Brown Blackwell.* (Names with asterisk are identified below)