Three Fun Ways to Learn About Historical People

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Do you ever wonder how novelists learn about historical people?

     Today I’m going to start a three-week series on how to learn about actual historical people. Not their genealogy; though that’s important, it’s just the skeleton. I’m interested in their flesh and blood, how they thought, and even what they wore!

Beyond Genealogy    

In my books on Susan B. Anthony and her family, I’m writing about people who lived more than 150 years ago—Susan, her brother Daniel, and his wife Annie. Although I’ve never met them, I have a real sense of the places they frequented, what interested them, and what kept them up at night.  

In my mini-series on learning about historical people, I’m going to cover:

  • Using newspapers of their time
  • Walking in their footsteps
  • And Posting to a timeline

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I love writing historical fiction because it brings to life people who lived long ago, adding the authentic details that give us a real idea of who they were.